Healthy, Easy Grilling Recipe – Sausage & Pepper Skewers


Summer wouldn’t be summer without firing up the grill, but it’s important to try and stay away from all of the fatty meat that we typically grill. I have come across this healthy, easy grilling recipe of sausage and pepper skewers that you will just love, courtesy of The Food Network. So fire up that […]

3 Steps to Confidence


 A key element many women lack nowadays is confidence. We think we need to be skinnier or taller or smarter or funnier, and we don’t build the confidence to appreciate ourselves. We are all strong, beautiful women with our own story and our own unique allure. Here are 3 steps to be confident in your […]

Is Botox Best for Anti-Aging?


Is Botox Best for Anti-Aging? What is shocking is the fact that there is a rising trend of 20-30 year olds getting botox injections. 2.4 million cosmetic procedures last year were performed on people that are only in their 30s. But is botox best for anti-aging and younger looking skin? Younger Looking Skin the Safe […]

It Works! It’s Essential Bars

It Works! It's Essential Bars

It Works! It’s Essential Bars It’s Essential Bars are fantastic choice for fiber and protein bar. These delicious bars are filled with protein and fiber and they keep you feeling filled up. It’s Essential weight loss energy bar pairs delicious flavor with powerful ancient grains to supercharge your weight loss results! It Works! It’s Essential […]

Great Grill Idea: Tequila-Glazed Grilled Chicken Thighs


Great Grill Idea: Tequila-Glazed Grilled Chicken Thighs School is starting but and summer is coming to an end, but there is a little time left to enjoy the warmth, sunshine and delicious food. All of the tasty summer produce are still available at your local farmer’s market and this weekend is going to be perfect […]

Body Wraps Can Jumpstart Weight Loss


Body Wraps Can Jumpstart Weight Loss A really good way of hydrating and improving your skin is to use a body wrap. A body wrap can also get rid of excess water, impurities and fluids, as well as other awesome benefits. What is a Body Wrap? There are many different types of body wraps that are meant […]