Lose Inches All Over!!

Lose Inches All Over

Weight loss can be a little tricky at times, trust me, I know. We can all struggle with sticking with the diet or exercise regime, but it’s not impossible. Although it can be pretty tricky, carbs are some of my best friends. Stick to these easy 10 rules to lose inches all over and you can […]

Why Eat Buffalo Meat?

Why Eat Buffalo Meat

Dave and I are excited to be back in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is one of our most favorite places that we have ever visited. Not only does it have an absolutely beautiful landscape, the wild life is amazing too! The Jackson Hole buffalo tradition reaches back to prehistoric times when the wild herds numbered in […]

Tony Robbins Firewalk


This past weekend, Dave and I were lucky enough to attend Tony Robbins’s Dallas Seminar and become Firewalkers; more than 200,000 people attend one of Tony Robbins’s programs around the world each year. Words can’t describe how truly amaZing this weekend was. Being around so many like-minded individuals focusing on improving their quality of life […]